The Agh'kuk are found near the Lake of Crystal Tears by Upper Bridgeview. You have been sent there to reduce the number of Agh'kuk in the tribe.

Town Marshall: Agh'kuk Support is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Ssoren of Sslanis.

Quest Steps

  1. The Lakes of Crystal Tears are on the eastern side of the island north of the town of Bridgeview. You've been sent there to help bring the tribe of Agh'kuk under control.
  2. Return to the Town Marshall in Sslanis

Quest Text

  1. Ssoren: The Agh'kuk decided to call in sssome sssupport out at the Lakesss of Cryssstal Tearsss. Sssome Agh'kuk Ogres have moved in and pretty much taken control of the area. The entire tribe hasss gotten a renewed sssense of courage, and are beginning to get a little too rowdy. If you can go out there and kill off some of the tribe, the ressst ought to sssettle back down some.
  2. You've killed enough of the tribe that the rest of the Agh'kuk appear to be losing their confidence. This should be enough to earn your reward if you head back to the Town Marshall..
  3. Ssoren: Good work [player's name]. The fishermen should have no further trouble from those ogresss, or their little friendsss. Go ahead and take thisss for your effortsss.

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