Town Marshall: Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Daggle Ironshaper of Aughundell.

Quest Text

  1. You probably didn't know this about me, but I'm a bit of a history buff. I enjoy studying the past, and part of that is to know what sort of critters existed in the Istaria of ages ago. One of the oldest creatures in Istaria is the Fyakki. Bet you didn't know that either, now did you? In any case, now these Fyakki haven't changed much in thousands of years. Except now they're inhabitting an island called Elnath. I need you to go there, kill about 20 of them and take samples for me so we can figure out why.
  2. Killing Fyakki is harder than you thought it would be, but in the end you succeeded.
  3. That's what they used to tell those who came in from the field. "Report." Suppose that's overly militaristic for you, eh? Well, tell me what you've learned at least. And take this as a reward.

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