Town Marshall: Creepy Crawly in the Jungle
Min Level 16
Creatures Jungle Crawler Worker
Jungle Crawler Soldier
Jungle Crawler Hatchling
Jungle Crawler Breeder
Venomous Stalker
x 20
Items Token of Gratitude
x 2

The spiders have invested the jungle outside Sslanis. Ssoren hates spiders, and thus has sent you to deal with the problem.

Town Marshall: Creepy Crawly in the Jungle is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Ssoren of Sslanis.

Quest Steps

  1. The jungles around Sslanis are teeming with spiders. Ssoren has sent you out to clean up the area by having you reduce the population some.
  2. Return to Ssoren, the Town Marshall of Sslanis.

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