Town Marshall: Drawing A Blank is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Daggle Ironshaper of Aughundell.

Quest Text

  1. The Nah'guk are such a large tribe and have spread out over such an extensive area that they've actually got their own territory. At least, they've got a place that's being called "Nahguk Territory". It's spread from Harro almost to the Eastern Deadlands. We really can't have that, so I need you to go cut the population. Draw up a few boundary lines for me.
  2. Having killed your 20 Nah'guk, you can't really see any change to the territory they seem to be taking up. But you should report back to Daggle anyway.
  3. Daggle tells you, Ah, well, you tried and I suppose that it at this time the best any of us can hope for. Here is your reward.

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