Town Marshall: When Ogres Attack is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Daggle Ironshaper of Aughundell.

Quest Text

  1. There's this children's song my kids have been singing lately. Goes something like "The ants go marching two by two". Got me to thinking about what happens when the Bhal'kuk go marching across the Aradoth Frontier. No one's singing then, I can tell you that! They leave tracks wherever they go, deep ruts in the forests and along the road. So I want you to take care of them... and by take care of, I mean kill em.
  2. Your task is complete. Easy, wasn't it? Now head back to Aughundell to report.
  3. That did not take long at all. Maybe we should hire you to replant the forest too? No? Well, you should still be rewarded for what you've done so far, so here, take this.

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