Promotes the Health and Armor values with a primal enchantment.

True Grit
Spell Type: Armor and Health-buff
Skill: Primal
Delay: 27
Recycle: 0:05
Range: 20
Duration: 30:00
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Usable ByEdit

Dragon Adventurer

Use CharacteristicsEdit

NameEffectMin Adv LevelPrimal
True Grit I+18 Armor, +8 Health11
True Grit II+34 Armor, +68 Health20200
True Grit III+66 Armor, +128 Health40400
True Grit IV+98 Armor, +188 Health60600
True Grit V+130 Armor, +248 Health80800

Creation RequirementsEdit

Used skill for crafting is Spellcraft, built with a Rune Stylus or Dragon Spellcraft (Ability) at a Scholar's Desk.

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula³
True Grit I

Sandstone Spell Shard


1100Beginner True Grit
True Grit II

Slate Spell Shard
Pale Orb


200325Beginner True Grit
True Grit III

Granite Spell Shard
Glowing Orb


400550Journeyman True Grit
True Grit IV

Obsidian Spell Shard
Bright Orb


600775Journeyman True Grit
True Grit V

Marble Spell Shard
Shining Orb

10 - 5

8001000Expert True Grit
³ Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable TechniquesEdit

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