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The Vaultkeepers of Istaria are NPCs that provide Istarians with access to their own personal Vaults. They can be found in Vaults located in most major centres, such as Tazoon and Dalimond, as can also be built by Istarians on their plots of land.

Name Port
Hulin Ironforge Aughundell
Witzel Chiconis
Maggie Tinnagin Dalimond
Tiber Dralk
Gortari Feladan
Sharista Kion
Kannos Kirasanct
Girta Mahagra
Kalas New Koraelia
Iado New Rachival
Serena New Trismus
Nellisha Sslanis
Sienna Tazoon
Aren Tazoon
Elsa Baltos , Manager Tazoon

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