The Vaultkeepers of Istaria are NPCs that provide Istarians with access to their own personal Vaults. They can be found in Vaults located in most major centres, such as Tazoon and Dalimond, as can also be built by Istarians on their plots of land.

Your public vault storage can be increased by visiting the Vaultkeeper in a Racial City (Dalimond, Tazoon, Mahagra, etc) and completing the Vault upgrade quests. The first quest is Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade I and additional tiered quests are available after this.

With the update A Bitter Wind the bulk got significantly increased. With In Memory Of the Loyalty Vaults where introduced. The Loyalty Vault Upgrades can be bought with Token of Loyalty by Anarie in Bristugo.

Town VaultsEdit

KalasNew Koraelia
Elsa Baltos , ManagerTazoon

Vault StorageEdit

VaultLevelStackBulkCost VU
SV I1022024,00010s
SV II20240 25s
SV III3026038,00050s
SV IV40280 48,000100s
SV V50300 60,000200s
SV VI60300 74,000400s
SV VII70300 90,000750s
SV VIII80300 108,0001g 250s
SV IX90300 128,0002g
SV X100300150,0003g 500s
LV I100320168,0006 Loyalty Tokens
LV II100340187,0006 Loyalty Tokens
LV III100360207,0006 Loyalty Tokens
LV IV100380228,0006 Loyalty Tokens
  • VU = Vault Upgrade
  • CV = Commoner's Vault
  • SV = Shareholder's Vault
  • LV = Loyalty Vault

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