Warrior's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus Officer is a Quest given by Sergeant Gaedin .

Quest TextEdit


  • Listen to Sergeant Gaedin
    • Speak with Frelic the Militia Surplus Officer about a new weapon
      • Deliver the goods to Ishenar at the Hillside Camp, north of the village and past the fallen log.
        Frelic will give you Frelic's Box of Goods to give to Ishenar.
        • Assist Ishenar by killing five (5) skeletons near the camp
          Ishenar will give you Ishenar's Cedar Cudgel, and as explained skeletons are weaker against crushing attacks and strong against slash attacks. So use a crushing weapon such as the cudgel or another like weapon.

Target MobsEdit


XP and coin are split up into two parts.