Building type: Industrial, Commercial, Residential
Category: Decoration
Machines: no
NPCs: no
Limit¹: 5
Storage: no

¹ Maximum number of constructions per Tier/Style buildable on a plot or lair
Wash Basin

Wash Basin

Wash Basins are used to decorate and beautify player owned plots.

Wash BasinEdit

Dimensions: ??x??

Material Units Opt Skill Opt Min Tool
Elm Construction Braces 2 Carpentry 500 300 Carpentry Hammer
Elm Construction Timber 2 Carpentry 400 200 Carpentry Hammer
Kenaf Construction Bolt 2 Weaving 400 200 Weaving Awl
Kenaf Construction Tapestries 2 Weaving 500 300 Weaving Awl
Slate Construction Block 2 Masonry 400 200 Masonry Trowel

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