Weapon Tech Kit: Hunter's Retribution I
Item Type: Weapon Tech Kit
Bulk: 1
Hoard Value: 50
Hunter's Retribution

This technique, usable on a weapon or dragon claw, gives the item a chance to do nature damage to a target.

Conflicts With: Damage Kicker


Applied to: Dragon Claw, Category:Weapons
Uses one technique slot

The technique will append "of the Hunter" at the end of items name you apply it to and will add a 38% chance to do 1-3 Nature Damage in addition to the normal damage.


The formula for the Beginner Hunter's Retribution is obtained through the quest The First Hunt II in Sslanis, given by Ssthar the Elder. You must complete The First Hunt before you can obtain this quest.

Item CreationEdit

Used skill to craft is Ingenuity, using an Istarian Army Knife or Dragon Ingenuity (Ability) and at a Scholar's Desk.

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula¹

Weapon Tech Kit: Hunter's Retribution I

Jungle Crawler Breeder Abdomen
Dim Essence Orb


1 100 Beginner Hunter's Retribution

See also: Formula: Beginner Hunter's Retribution


Jungle Crawler Breeder Abdomen
Dim Essence Orb

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