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Location: Kion
(X, Y): (19493,23466)
Rating: 33
School: Dragon Crafter
Health: 20

Xarinnis tells you, 'Hello there, young one! What brings you to this dry and dusty town?'

Xarinnis stands on top of Lady Kendra's manor house in Kion. She is a Dragon Crafter trainer and sells Beginner formulas.

Quests AvailableEdit

Quest Level
Spellcraft Mastery I: Sandstone Bricks 10
Stoneworking Mastery I: Craft 70 Sandstone Bricks 10
Scalecraft Mastery I: Bronze Bars 10
Mining Mastery I: Copper and Tin Ore 10
Quarrying Mastery I: Sandstone 10
Essence Shaping Mastery I: Dim Essence Orbs 10
Gemcraft Mastery I: Malachite 10
Essence Harvesting Mastery I: Dim Essence 10

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